My Story

Music is love, music is life! To be able to play a musical instrument and in this case, the piano/keyboards is a wonderful gift to be able to give yourself. It’s good for the heart and for the soul. I’ve loved music all my life and it’s an absolute necessity for me to be able to play, sing, create, teach, listen, absorb and discuss anything music related, it’s literally my life!

Whatever your story, if you want to learn how to play the piano or keyboards, then I’ll help you to start your journey and show you a whole new world waiting for you at your finger tips! 

I was always obsessed with music from a young age. After being given a record player around the age of 9 from mother and father, I would spend my time in the evenings playing the old 45’s (RPM vinyl singles), that would come from the juke box in the pub that my dad was the manager of and I would listen to my heart’s content to the likes of David Bowie, Queen, Nile Rogers, Ultravox and Brian Ferry and Soft Cell, getting an education.