Piano Lessons

The piano is intriguing, yet to some, intimidating. It's all black and white keys, but the music that you've probably heard coming from it, is quite exquisite! Or maybe you've already had some other introduction to it; a friend or family member plays, or you've seen an artist play on their own or in a band, and you were just bowled over by it and just wanted to have a go yourself? Whichever it is, well done for giving yourself the opportunity for wanting to learn how to play this marvellous percussion instrument!!

How can you even begin to understand it? I know they were my thoughts before I first started! Indeed, when I first set my fingers upon one, I knew I could mimic any famous tune that we all know and love, with one finger at a time. But, with a little guidance, understanding the theory - comprised of the landscape of the piano keyboard, a few rules about how to begin and the note/key names - I will encourage you to see how simple this 'music box' really is!

Music Theory

Music Theory is a fundamental process – the key, you might say – to truly unlocking the mystery of understanding music and how everything works, whatever instrument you are wanting to play! Tunes are made up of chords and scales, and my mission is to ensure my students learn in a clear and fun way. Books can guide with the art of ‘reading’ this remarkable language, but ‘hands-on’ experience, interactivity and encouragement can give you a life-long interest and freedom, creating an intense passion and thirst to drive you to want to know more! With continued effort and enjoyment, your skills will improve. What playing and performance can give you, is infinite.

Music composition

As a musician myself, to be able to improvise and create compositions is a real privilege. I am more than happy to impart my knowledge to those students who wish to learn how to create their own music compositions. It is extremely rewarding work, which often requires the student to be free thinking and have the desire and willingness to try and create something completely original. This kind of work is very therapeutic, too! For more information about lessons, please get in touch.

BTEC National in Music

One of my students required help with this secondary school course, the BTEC National in Music Level 1&2 (GCSE equivalent) – Unit 1: ‘The Music Industry’, and with the advent of Covid, I made it my mission to schedule online learning to help guide and complete this course with her. The end of the course results in a final exam counting towards 25% of the overall qualification. Please contact me for more details for help with this subject.

Duke of Edinburgh Awards

Preparation for the DofE (Duke of Edinburgh) Awards for developing new skills.

I would be more than happy to teach new skills for these awards and aim for the student to gain a good basic knowledge of music theory and notation, and for them to be able to play a number of fun and educational tunes! Please get in touch for more details.


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